The network objectives will be achieved by a variety of activities. In general these include focussed workshops, specific topic research seminars, presentations, collation of information to form a database of case studies and research projects/reports, education & training materials (including for schools), research proposal outlines and will develop partnerships with relevant agencies in sport and exercise.

The two primary network activities (the most resource intensive also) will comprise the focussed workshops and the coordination and dissemination of current research knowledge and practice across the many related disciplines. The workshops will be aimed primarily at research questions. The workshops will be hosted by one or more core members, and preparation will require setting specific research questions for discussion by the attendees, presentations of current research, and will involve collation of key research papers, and/or case studies. A mix of presentations, discussion and workshop sessions will be employed to provoke full engagement and both share knowledge and gather opinion on the necessary research agenda and priorities, and form future collaborations. Each workshop will be necessarily multidisciplinary and leading lights from the international communities will be targeted to present and participate. A report of the workshop will be published to the network website/newsletter and as an article(s) in a relevant journal/magazine.

The new network will interact with existing networks and also any relevant new networks that come into existence. A seminar/conference will be run in the third year aimed at further dissemination of the workshops and also to update progress in individual member research areas.

It will provide an impartial voice for the research and industry communities, and a successful international conference in year three. The network will become self sufficient and the conference biennial (alternating with the broader sports engineering conference).

For further details and how to join please contact the coordinator, or for other specific enquiries please contact one of the core committee.