The 2nd SportSURF Conference:

Science, Technology and Research into Sport Surfaces (STARSS)

21st & 22nd April 2010

Was held at Loughborough University, UK

A USB flash drive proceedings of the conference was produced which includes all papers given at the conference. If you would like a copy (ISBN 978-1-897911-34-1) please contact our coordinator at for further information.

Below you can download a copy of the presentations given during the conference. The organisers would like to thank all the authors for permission to make their presentations available on this site. Reproduction of these presentations is not allowed without the authors permission.

For the final programme please click HERE.


1.    Welcome talk

Paul Fleming - Welcome and introduction

2.    Keynotes

Dr Iain James: Advancing Natural Turf to meet Tomorrow's Challenges

Mr Evert Verhagen: A Framework for Sport Injury Surveillance and Prevention

Dr Dara Twomey: Is there a link between Injury and Ground Conditions? A Case Study in Australian Football

3.    Natural turf systems

Mr Simon Parsons: Measuring oxygen diffusion through cricket pitch soils

Mr Matt Caple: Development of a simplified dynamic testing device for turfed sports surfaces

Dr Mark Bartlett: Are golf courses a source or sink of atmospheric CO2: A modeling approach

Mr Thomas Serensits: Surface stability - reinforcement and measurement

Mr Louis Chinnery: Quantitative assessment of cricket outfields in the Caribbean region

4.    Synthetic turf systems

Dr Dara Twomey: Challenges in the development of criteria for synthetic turf for Australian football and cricket

Dr Paul Fleming: Maintenance best practice and recent research

Mr Filippo Lulli - Marco Volterrani: An innovative hybrid natural-artificial sports pitch construction system

Mr Thomas Serensits: Human Health issues on synthetic turf in the USA

5.    Injury and risk

Mr Sandy Walker: Exploring the relationship between floor type and risk of injury in netball

Mr Luke Hopper: Dancer perceptions of varied dance surfaces quantified by the advanced artificial athlete

Mr Dave Rennie: Ground hardness and Injury in professional soccer

Mr Sean Maw: The design of foam crash pads for short track speed skating on boarded rinks

Dr Daniel Low: The influence of shock pad density on biomechanical measurements associated with overuse injury

6.    Player - Surface interaction

Mr James Clarke: The effect of physical make-up on the traction performance of third-generation artificial turf surfaces

Ms Kathryn Severn: Science of synthetic surfaces: A comparison of traction test methods

Mr Eric Meyer: Rotational injuries of the lower extremity and the use of an in situ risk assessment tool for rotational traction

Mr Thorsten Sterzing: Artificial soccer turf: What Shoes to Wear?

Mr James Clarke: The effect of soccer boot construction on comfort during playing movements

Mr Thomas Grund: Development, validation and enhancement of a new device for testing soccer shoes under game relevant loading conditions

Mr Rene El-Kati: Incorporating 'In - game' scenarios into player - surface studies

7.    Industry session

Dr Colin Young: Raising standards for sport and play facilities

Mr Dan Musson: ECB surface research

Mr Rick Bruin: The way ahead

The papers were made available to all delegates, but can be requested from the network manager